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European Readers

Opodo is an online travel agency. They conducted a survey among their users about reading trends in summer, and an infographic was the best way to present this results.

To make the infographic to have an aesthetic in line with the content I made reference to editorial field with different elements like serif typefaces typical from press publications and treated like visual blocks to represent the different percentages. Also I use black and white images, sans serif headlines, graphic elements and layouts from press media.

I did for this project the art direction, look & feel and graphic design for the infographic, also the pieces to promote it in social media.

Infographic European Readers

Print style

Despite the piece is for a digital support, the content is about literary context, that’s why I opted for combining complementary typefaces: serif (because of digital and treating headlines with it) and sans serif (because of print and used it to contain the data about the survey)

The layout is in black and white, basics for the reading, and color used to point relevant information. I looked the verbal part to have more visual weight, playing and treating all the information with typefaces and organizing it by blocks to maintain the infographic style.

Infographic typefaces European Readers
Infographic elements European Readers
Social media posts European Readers

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