Mínimo project
Graphic design



Mínimo is an exhibition about the solutions design and architectural solutions to answer the leak of space in big japanese cities. Looking to evoque a japanese look through the naming, visual identity and merchadising pieces for the event also referencing to space optimization.

Flexibility and space saving are the concepts that articulate all identity pieces for the event. A naming with Japanese sonority that summarizes with an adjective the starting point or problematic that solve the pieces showed in the exhibition. Pieces designed to have a double or multiple use, a color palette reduced to basic colors and also the distinctive color of Japan.

My labor in this project consisted in conceptualization, naming and visual and material design for each event piece.

logo Mínimo Badges Mínimo

Reusable tickets

Following the flexibility concept and space optimization, the same tickets split it in two enabling the entrance to a new person or the posibility to enter again another day giving in this way double capacity to the same space.

Entrances Mínimo

Convertible catalogue

Event catalogue is at the same time the promotional gift: Covers turn into flip flops giving double functionality to the same object. A piece of velcro join covers with the catalogue spine.

Catalogue Mínimo

2 in 1 lace

CD box uses a lace, japanese culture characteristic element. Lace works as a handle to help get the cd out of the box, at the same time it keeps the cd fix in its support.

Cd box Mínimo

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