Muafrika project
Graphic design



Muafrika is a travel agency that organices custom tours around Uganda and Rwanda. The company was needing a graphic identity to transmit the essence of an adventure in Africa.

The african savanna, the sunset, the adventure, the wildness and a window to go close to an unique experience in Africa. An elegant and natural color palette conected with the destination; and simplified shapes are the basis to build the identity for this agency.

I did the conceptualization and design for the logotype, also the graphic solution to differentiate the bussiness lines associating patterns to each of them.

Muafrika logo Muafrika bussiness cards Muafrika color palette

Patterns to differenciate

The agency was needing a resource to differenciate two different bussiness lines, so my solution was to create two different patterns made combining the shape character of the brand typeface. The main bussines line of this brand is about travelling in Africa, with adventure tours and safaris.

This pattern was conceived to make reference to african motifs. The side bussiness is related with generic travels with sun and sea as common factor. It suggest simplified sailor shapes and sea waves.

Muafrika sea pattern
Muafrika Africa pattern
Muafrika bag with sea pattern
Muafrika bag with Africa pattern

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