Seasonal fruit calendar collection project

Personal project

Seasonal fruit calendar collection

The objective was to find an easy and close way to contribute to environment care. Just consuming seasonal fruit you can save water, transport and favor local production, furthermore fruit quality is the best you can find in that season.

I thought a calendar was the perfect support to inform about seasonal fruit in Spain. Each month is illustrated with a seasonal fruit. Also the calendar turns into a ilustration collection at the end of the year, just cutting the mont part.

Seasonal fruit colorful fruits Seasonal fruit hanged illustration

Vivid colors

I looked for principal and common colors in different fruits to create a contrasted and powerful palette. Leaves, skins and little branches also take the color of this palette. The result is a fruit family per each color.

Seasonal fruit color palette

"Fresh" styles

I wanted to give to these illustrations an actual and natural style and at the same time, to accomplish that I simplified shapes and draw them following geometrical lines. For warm and organic look I add texture and volumen with light.

Seasonal fruit illustration process Seasonal fruit illustration detail Seasonal fruit colorful fruits Seasonal fruit detail calendar Seasonal fruit illustration collection

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