Universe letter project letter D
Conceptualization, illustration, lettering
36 Days of Type

Universe Alphabet

36 Days of Type is a project started from designers from Barcelona that propose to different visual profesionals to design a character of the latin alphabet each day, all the rest related with the design is absolutely free, so the result is many diverse styles and interpretation of characters.

In the fourth edition my goal was to illustrate an alphabet about the universe, so each letter is the initial and the representation of a universe concept, sometimes well known, sometimes not that much.

Universe Alphabet is the colection of latin letters that illustrates simple and known concepts like a rocket, the moon, an spacial station or inclusive kryptonite; and other less known like Ymir (one of Saturn satelites), Quaoar planet, the gamma ray or Atlantis, the space shuttle. Each character floats in a spacial atmosphere between planets, stars and rockets riding the universe, and their are connected inwardly (in the instagram screen) by constelations.

Universe letter, E character

Shapes and colors from the space

Universe has simple shapes and colors, all natural elements has as basis an sphere and they draw a line when they are in movement. (like "J" for Jupiter) Conversely, objects created by human being that we find in the universe have straight and complex shapes. (like "E" for Spacial Station -Estación espacial-). Regarding the colors all of them are stablished by the tones we find in the nature of universe.

Universe letter, J character Universe letter, K character Universe letter, O character Universe letter, P character Universe letter, Q character Universe letter, R character Universe letter, W character

Spacial scene

A conquered planet, a new planet sistem, a shooting star, rockets or UFOs are elements sharing space with each character layout.

Universe alphabet elements

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